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What Does the Procedure Involve?

Each facility has its own protocol when planning and administering a cell therapy. In general, all practitioners will schedule a consultation to discuss your symptoms and the goals of Live Cell Therapy. A detailed patient history will be obtained. A practitioner may perform a physical examination. Before starting treatment, certain blood parameters may need to be checked. This may include a CBC (blood count) and some tests to see if you are prone to allergic reactions. Directly before administering a cell treatment (especially if this is given as an injection) a practitioner may perform a skin patch test. In order to do this, a small amount of the extract will be applied to the skin. The skin under the extract will be lightly scratched. The area is examined after several minutes to check for reddening or swelling. This is just an additional level of precaution, secondary to the blood test.

In order to completely eliminate the risk of an allergic reaction, some practitioners administering injectable products will prefer to give an anti-allergic shot prior to or with the Cell Therapy.

Cell extracts may be taken orally or administered as an intramuscular injection. This may be a daily or twice weekly procedure. Each practitioner has his own protocols.

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