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What are Cellular Therapies?

Cellular Therapies are treatments, which utilize the application of animal cells to stimulate rejuvenation in humans. Typically sheep or cows are used. Some practitioners also use cells harvested from sharks. There are several different kinds of therapies:

  • Live Cell Therapy
  • Organ Peptide Therapy (Organo Therapy)
  • Whole Extract Therapy

All therapies use cells taken from specific organs. These can be harvested from fetuses or from young animals. The method of cell collection and processing differs depending on the type of therapy being performed.

Most practitioners have their individual variations that they employ in their treatment regimens.

The basic principle behind Cellular Therapies is: Like Cures Like

Animal cells or their extracts are used to treat the corresponding organ in humans. For example, a person recovering from a heart attack would receive heart cells from a donor animal. Someone with memory loss would receive brain extract from a donor animal.

Research has shown that the cells, which are either injected or ingested, actually move to the corresponding organ. To prove this, the cell extracts were marked with a radioactive isotope. After being injected into the human subject, it was observed that these marked cells were found in high concentrations in the corresponding organ.

This may sound strange, but this principle is the basis for the modern PET-CT used to diagnose tumors. Patients receive a radioactive isotope that is bound to glucose. As cancer cells thrive on glucose, they tend to absorb the isotope, making them visible on the scan.

Cellular Therapies have been practiced routinely for decades in Europe. Although their scientific effectiveness has been a point of discussion in the medical community, the results speak for themselves,