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Diabetic Complications

Due to bad blood circulation in the feet, many diabetics suffer from ulcers and bacterial infections. These infections can often lead to alterations of the underlying bone structures. In serious cases this can lead to amputation of the foot or lower leg. Diabetic infections commonly take much longer to heal than skin infections in healthy subjects. Experiments using cell therapy have shown a considerable reduction in healing time for patients receiving treatment.

Diabetic Complications and Live Cell Therapy

Several case studies have shown that patients suffering from diabetic complications, such as gangrenous infections of the limbs, fingers and toes, as well as other skin infections and ulcers, can and have been treated with the immune boosting live cell extract Resistocell. These patients have seen dramatic improvements such as reduced infection and reduced healing time. Many have spent less time in hospital beds due to these treatments. Blood circulation is increased with the live cell thymus extract, and patient’s immunity greatly increases during the time they are treated with thymus extract. Diabetics who smoke or drink alcohol are at greater risk of getting these types of infections, but treatment plans can help these sufferers as well to reduce these incidents and maintain as healthy a lifestyle as possible with this debilitating disease.