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Post-Surgical Infection

Post-Surgical Infections are becoming more and more common in hospitals, especially in the United States. There are many reports and case studies as to the use of cell therapies to reduce the risk of postsurgical infections. These case studies prove one thing: thymus extract can drastically boost immunity in both infants and adults with excellent results.

Post-Surgical Infection and Live Cell Therapy

One study was performed on 425 patients undergoing colon-rectal surgery. Due to the nature of this procedure patients commonly suffer from postoperative infections. In this study, patients were given thymus extract 2 days before surgery and 5 days after surgery in addition to their antibiotic regimen.

Patients receiving thymus displayed a lower incidence of postsurgical infections and abscesses compared to those who received only antibiotic therapy. This was even the case in patients whose immune system was compromised.  Respiratory tract infections were 50% less frequent in the group receiving thymus as compared to those who were only receiving antibiotics.

Also, forty-seven infants with sepsis and 34 with localized infection were given T-activin thymus extract as a part of the post-surgical care, while 75 other infants were treated with conventional methods. Results showed that the clinical course of SSI was less severe in the patients receiving thymus extract with more pronounced positive changes in symptoms, shortened hospital stay, and decreased mortality in the treated infants.  The study indicated that the postoperative use of thymus extracts in infants  led to an increase in the number and function of the T-lymphocytes with improved bactericidal activity of circulating phagocytes in  postoperative newborns with SSI. In other words, thymus extract can really support a healthy immune system. Those with SSI are typically extremely vulnerable already.  Despite being young, they have a severe medical condition. That is why specialists have developed a noninvasive thymus spray, which can be administered under the infants tongue with little or no fuss. This “boosting of immunity” is just what the infant needs to stay healthy while he or she recuperates.