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Sports Injuries

The use of cell therapy in sports has a long history. Many professional and Olympic athletes have profited from treatment using live cell or cell extracts.


In order to reach the peak of your performance it is important that the body is fine-tuned and in perfect working order. Any workout or training session causes micro trauma to the muscles and joints. In fact this process is necessary in order for the body to adapt to athletic activity. Muscle, bone and cartilage are partly built up by a process called hyper-compensation. This means that during exercise, cells are damaged or destroyed. The body then replaces these cells and adds a few more of them to protect from further injury. That is why it is important to stick to a workout routine and observe the periods of rest between workouts

Cell therapies can help to boost the body’s ability to produce new healthy cells. This in turn can lead to faster results and a boost in performance.

Sports Injuries

The worst thing that can happen to a professional athlete is to suffer injury. Their highly tuned bodies are delicate and react to the slightest injury. Muscle fiber tears, ligament ruptures, bruises and bone injuries all  affect the level of performance and can often make the difference between winning and losing.

Again, cell therapies can help to speed up recovery after injury. Many athletes have benefited from the use of cell therapies after suffering an injury.

The benefits of cell therapy may be:

  • Faster healing time
  • Faster recovery time
  • Better healing quality
  • Fewer cases of chronic damage
  • Fewer postoperative complications

Immune Boost

In order to be able to push the body to its limits, it is important that the immune system be intact and in perfect working order. Due to fast and deep breathing in all types of weather, professional athletes may be susceptible to respiratory tract infections. Professionals are required to perform no matter how they feel. A slight cold, sinusitis, or a cough can be devastating to an athlete’s level of performance.

Cell therapies have been shown to boost the immune system, causing the body to increase its production of protective killer cells. Also, recovery times after infection have been shown to be reduced and the symptoms were less severe in patients receiving cell therapy.