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Post-Operative Sepsis

Sepsis is an extremely deadly disease characterized by whole body inflammation. Sepsis literally means the state of putrefaction or decay. It is an immune system attack on the body in response to microbes in the blood, urine, skin or other tissues. Usually patients are treated in the intensive care unit of the hospital, especially when this disease is developed postoperatively.. Studies have shown that certain types of the thymus Live Cell Extract can have a positive effect on patients suffering from post-operative sepsis. Consider the following.

Post-Operative Sepsis and Live Cell Therapy

The thymus extracts thymalin and t-activin were used in a study involving postoperative sepsis. The study showed after 14 days of treatment that thymalin stimulated T cells while acting with immunoglobulins. T-activin increased the numbers of T and B cells. Clinical improvement was best when the thymus extracts were used in combination with other medication.  Immunological and clinical studies demonstrated that immunodeficiency is the most probable cause of postoperative complications.  This was especially true following reparative surgery of the facial bones. Results were presented for 10 cases of facial surgery for congenital and acquired deformation using t-activin conjointly with surgery. This treatment normalized the immune system and prevented the development of postoperative complications in all of the patients during this study.