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Orthopedic Implants

Orthopedic implants are implants performed on people who sometimes have lost one or both of their lower extremities. To replace the limb, a surgeon may have to cut deep into the remaining bone and joint to fuse the prosthetic with the bone and joints. This can be quite risky and a per-cursor to infection. Fortunately, live cell therapy can play a role in dealing with this type of predicament.

Orthopedic Implants and Live Cell Therapy

Thymus extract, was shown to be a useful prophylactic against infection resulting from orthopedic implant surgery. Deep prosthetic infections are very difficult to cure without removing the infected device; the outcome can be devastating, such as: total loss of joint function, amputation, and occasionally, death. Preliminary results show that thymus extracts may  play a role both in treatment of infection and prophylaxis against hospital-acquired infection.