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Live Cell Extract Therapy

Live Cell Extract Therapy uses organs from young or adult animals. The donor organs are ground to a fine paste in an electrolyte solution and mixed well. The cell structure is destroyed during this process. This solution is allowed to settle after which it is then strained and filtered to remove any solid matter. Only the soluble parts of the cells such as RNA and DNA remain in the fluid extract. The solution does not contain any parts of the cell membrane or any animal protein. This process greatly reduces the risk of allergic reaction by the recipient. The filtration process also removes any viruses or bacteria that may be carried by the donor animal.

This method is also called Organ Peptide Therapy, as only the water-soluble peptides or amino acids remain in the solution.

Typically, individual organ extracts are produced and administered according to the needs of the patient. Some therapists prefer to produce so called ‘cocktails’ containing a mix of organs. A typical example of this is a mix of thymus, spleen and liver.

Practitioners of Organ Peptide Therapy agree that this form of cellular therapy is just as effective as fresh cell therapy. They find no detrimental results from using “only” organ peptides.

One benefit to this approach is that the extracts can be frozen and stored. Freezing whole cells is very tricky and often leads to the destruction of the cells during the freezing process. As no whole cells are present, organ peptides can easily be frozen and stored, enabling the extracts to be produced in larger quantity rather than having to produce the extract for each individual patient.