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Immunosenescence (Immune Effects of Aging)

A strong and vigorous immune system is especially important in the health of the elderly. The lifestyle of most elderly persons in our society compromises immunity in many ways. Several of the common causes of compromised immunity listed earlier are especially relevant to aging persons. As a group, older people tend to exercise less, consume more prescription and non-prescription drugs, and are exposed to more medical procedures. Insufficient nutrition is also a common problem associated with aging. This stress on the body can occur at a time of life in which inadequate digestion combined with decreased liver function compound their detrimental effects on immune function. Because these conditions are additive and cumulative, it is difficult to determine exactly how much of the aging in humans is due to the natural physical process and how much is incurred by lifestyle components that lead to compromised immunity.  Even though the exact proportion may be difficult to assess, it is no coincidence that many of the causes of compromised immunity are contributed to by the aging process.


One of the most consistent findings associated with immunosenescence in humans and animals is a decline in function as well as a decrease in T cell numbers as aging increases. The consequence of this process is an increased susceptibility to infections, autoimmune diseases and cancer. Liquid thymus extracts have been used to help restore cellular immunity, including the number and function of T-lymphocytes. The question is whether liquid thymus extracts can do the same in the elderly.

Immunosenescence and Live Cell Therapy

Basically, the reason for decreased health as we advance in years is that our thymus gland, which can control much of our ability to fight disease and infection, greatly decreases in size from infancy to late adulthood. What once would have bounced off us at age 18 may now cripple us at age 78. This is most definitely due to the fact that, by age 50, our thymus gland shrinks to about an eighth of the size it was when we were born.. This can lead to all sorts of health problems.  It is why we look older, why our health degenerates, why we get sick and why we eventually die. As morbid as that sounds, there is a flickering light of hope on the horizon. Thymus extract, thymostimulin, and other live cell extracts can, simply put, fight the aging process. As we age and our thymus gland continues to shrink, thymus extract can boost our shrinking thymus gland and help us stay young, at least as far as our immune system is concerned. We have the ability to fight disease better than ever before. And with this treatment, the symptoms of immunosenescence can be greatly reduced.