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Herpes Simplex

Cold sores and fever blisters often occur when our immune system is weakened by infection or stress. The herpes simplex virus causes these symptoms. The virus nests in the nervous system until it is triggered into action, usually due to too much sunlight, stress, or certain foods. Typically herpes simplex remains in the system causing lifelong outbreaks.

Herpes Simplex and Live Cell Therapy

Cell therapy has been tried on patients suffering from reoccurring herpes simplex. While on this therapy most patients reported an improvement in their symptoms. They were less severe and some even had no outbreaks during this time.

Unfortunately, the case studies also showed that cell therapy does not eradicate herpes simplex. During treatment symptoms may disappear or be less, but once the subject stopped receiving cell extracts their normal pattern of disease returned. No permanent relief currently exists for sufferers of herpes simplex.