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Fibromyalgia is a condition characterized by widespread and chronic muscle and/or joint pain. Over the last twenty years, Fibromyalgia has seen an enormous increase in affected patients, with North America claiming the largest number of sufferers. Worldwide, this devastating disorder affects 2-4% of the population. Female patients are nine times more common than male, and the symptoms are not just limited to pain. Fatigue and sleep apnea are also common side effects as well as joint stiffness, clinical anxiety and depression. As you can imagine, this disease is extremely debilitating and takes a toll on all its victims. Unfortunately, there is no single treatment or cure-all. However, studies have shown that Live Cell Therapy can help.

Fibromyalgia and Live Cell Therapy

In one case of Fibromyalgia, a 35-year-old woman was suffering from pains in the legs, knees, lower neck, lower back and shoulders, coupled with extreme headaches. The pain was so unrelenting and severe that the woman had attempted suicide on three different occasions. Her physician prescribed one vial (7 ml) of frozen liquid shark cartilage per day, in the form of an under-the-tongue spray, for three months. The dosage was then increased to two (7 ml) vials per day. Within 4 weeks of increasing the dose to two vials per day, the pain had improved by 80%, her sensitivity to cold, chest tightness and PMS were all disappearing and she was becoming more functional at work. She also noticed a vast improvement in her emotional stability and emotional outlook. She did note, however, that if she ceased taking the liquid shark cartilage, her symptoms tended to return.