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Dr. Heinz Mastall

Dr. Heinz Mastall is the medical director of the Juvital Medical Center in Wiesbaden, Germany. For over 30 years, he has been deeply involved in developing complementary immune-biological treatments for cancer patients. His center specializes in the use of hyperthermia, immune-biological oncology, and anti-aging.

Dr. Mastall trained with Dr. Paul Niehans and Dr. Elis Sandberg, the modern day fathers of Cellular Therapies. He actively promotes the use of cell therapy in combination with mainstream oncology medicine.

The main obstacle Dr. Mastall faced was finding cell extracts that were of superior quality. To solve this dilemma, he decided to raise his own cattle and use them to produce his own organ peptides. His extracts are of the highest quality and contain high levels of hormones and other ingredients essential for successful cell therapy.

For over 15 years, Dr. Heinz Mastall has been the Vice President of the German Society for Biological Cancer Treatments (Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer biologische Krebsabwehr).

In Germany, he is well known for his commitment to the fight against cancer and his use of innovative treatment concepts. He regularly offers free consultations to cancer patients and arranges many events and lectures to educate the public, patients and medical professionals about the effective use of biological cancer treatments.

In May 2010 Dr. Mastall was awarded the German Medal of Honor for his contributions to this field.