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To avoid unexpected side-effects cell-implantations (or sublingual) should not be carried out under the following conditions:
1.    During acute or chronic bacterial infections. (In chronic infections lasting for many years and no longer responding to chemotherapeutics, an exception to the rule can be made. In such cases, the weakened natural resistance of the body can be activated by revitalizing the patient through cell therapy and by strengthening those organs and organ systems which supply resistance.
2.    During acute viral infections 3.    Before and after vaccinations (4 weeks) 4.    In acute allergic-hyperergic conditions5.    In terminal stages of disease (when a “last try” is attempted)
6.    Cell therapy is also inadvisable as long as the body still contains disseminating foci of infection. Festering teeth, a chronically inflamed appendix or chronic inflammation of the tonsils or gall bladder, for example, would fall into this category.